The following provides some useful links for those seeking information about agriculture in the region.

Provincial Agricultural Government Agencies

Applicable Legislation

Please note the following links are provided for convenience only. The RDN does not guarantee their accuracy as amendments sometimes occur.

Application Forms

RDN Property Information

Agricultural Statistics

Economic Development Information

Environmental Farm Plan Program

Community Links

Commercial Composting Facilities within the RDN

Nanaimo Organic Waste (NOW) – Compost is made from residential kitchen scraps, commercial food waste, yard and garden debris and fish waste. NOW is only able to accept clean yard & garden waste. No animal manure, carcasses or any part of a carcass is accepted.

The finished compost product can be purchased directly from The Milner Group

Earthbank Resource Systems Ltd. – Produces Earthbank Fish Compost which is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. Farm waste (other than salmon farm waste) is generally not accepted, but manure may be accepted with prior arrangement. Please contact Earthbank directly to inquire.

The finished compost product can be purchased directly from on-site or larger orders can be arranged to be delivered.

Potential Resources

  • www.farmwest.com - non-profit developed by Pacific Field Corn Association. The Farmwest climate station network is part of a water conservation initiative for more effective and efficient use of irrigation water. Website includes weather based farm calculators, articles and information and events calendar.

Land Access and Tenure

  • llaf.ca - Linking Land and Farmers - provides land access resources for landowners and land seekers in British Columbia with the goal of seeing as much land as possible in agricultural production. We provide resources for a range of land tenure models (lease, license, MOU), sample land share agreements, information on legislation, what to look for when acquiring land, farm transfer and farm succession and more.
  • farmlandaccess.ubcfarm.ubc.ca - This Website may be under construction but could be a valuable resource in the future for land access resources,