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Bike & Ride

Leave the pedaling to us! Whether you're headed for work, to school, shopping or just out for fun, you and your bike can ride the same bus for the regular fare. All accessible buses are equipped with bike racks.

Loading and unloading bikes on the rack is easy and there is no extra cost for bringing your bike.

The rack, attached to the front of the bus, holds two bicycles. The racks have simple instructions posted right on them.

Each bike can be loaded or unloaded independently. You don't need to move one bike to reach the other. The rack holds most wheel and frame sizes.

Can I Try One Out?

If you wish to try the bike rack out before getting on the bus, simply call Regional Transit at 250-390-6565 (Nanaimo Area) or 1-877-607-4111 Local 6200 (Toll-free anywhere in B.C.) or pick up a Bike & Ride brochure for more details.