RGS Minor Amendment Bylaw Adoption Process

The regional district has prepared a Consultation Plan for the Regional Growth Strategy Minor Amendment process to identify opportunities for anyone with an interest in the project to share their views with RDN representatives. Consultation opportunities include a public meeting for residents to ask questions and a formal public hearing. The process to update the minor amendment section of the RGS must follow the process for a regular amendment, which includes acceptance by each member municipality and adjacent regional district.

Amendment Process

Next Steps - Bylaw Adoption Process

The RGS Minor Amendment Bylaw has received 1st and 2nd reading at the March 22, 2016 Board Meeting. A copy of the staff report considered by the RDN Board is available here: Staff Report March 8, 2016. A public hearing will be held as an opportunity for all interested residents or stakeholders to provide a verbal or written submission on the bylaw.

The public may also provide written feedback on the proposed changes to the minor amendment criteria any time prior to the public hearing. Written comments can be provided to the RDN by email, mail or in-person according to the contact information below.

RDN Long Range Planning Department
6300 Hammond Bay Road
Nanaimo, BC V9T 6N2
Phone: 250-390-6510 or 1-877-607-4111
Email: planning@rdn.bc.ca

(2 & 3) Stakeholder Engagement & Community Consultation

The RDN has consulted with affected local governments, First Nations, school district boards, improvement district boards and Provincial and Federal governments. A public open house was held on February 23, 2016 at the RDN Administration Building as an opportunity for interested residents to speak to RDN Staff about the proposed RGS Amendment.

(1) Decision to Proceed with the Amendment

The RDN has decided to proceed with an amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy to clarify the minor amendment process. The Board passed the following motion at its October 27th, 2015 meeting:
MOVED Director Veenhof, SECONDED Director Lefebvre, that a review of the Regional Growth Strategy be initiated that considers the criteria for a minor amendment.
MOVED Director Veenhof, SECONDED Director Lefebvre, that the Consultation Plan provided as Attachment 1 to this report be adopted.
Consultation activities up to the Board approval included meeting with member municipalities to discuss the amendment and the preparation of staff recommendations for Board consideration. The following background information and recommendation was considered by the Board:

Staff Report July 14, 2015 and Staff Report October 27, 2015: Summarizes the background and process for the Minor Amendment Project.

Consultation Plan: Explains the methods and timeline to consult with stakeholders and the public.