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Changes in the Park!

Many changes are underway in the park as the RDN takes action to implement the Management Plan and comply with the terms of the Conservation Covenant. Over time visitors will enjoy a largely natural landscape with few amenities, and infrastructure will be limited to that required for active management of visitor impacts.

Over the short term RDN Parks staff are implementing high priority management plan actions to prevent further deterioration of ecological values and to help restore native habitat. Signage will be installed to clearly mark and explain these areas.

We trust that neighbours and visitors will come to understand and respect the changes required to implement the terms of the Conservation Covenant, and that young and old will continue to visit and enjoy this special place. We appreciate your patience and support during this period of transition in the park.

Changes in the Park
Habitat protection fencing: Protection and rehabilitation of the Coastal Woodland and Garry Oak ecosystems on Vesper Point. This area is rich in biodiversity and is populated by numerous at-risk species of plants, mammals, reptiles, birds, butterflies and other insects. Garry Oak ecosystems in BC occupy only 1 to 5% of their former area. Actions to protect these ecosystems include split rail fencing installation to define visitor spaces such as the picnic area and viewpoint. This serves to prevent further disturbance and promotes rehabilitation of sensitive habitat. Habitat protection fencing
Some trails closed: In order to protect designated wildlife trees and fragile flora and fauna, access will need to be restricted or limited on Vesper Point. The coastal bluff trail is being decommissioned to allow impacted Garry Oak meadow species to rehabilitate, along with a program of invasive plant identification and removal. Authorized trails in the park will be improved, drainage installed and boardwalks built at key locations and along sensitive and wet areas. Some trails closedb
Restricted access on Vesper Point: Vesper Point intertidal area is closed to the public and dogs in order to limit disturbance and allow native habitat regeneration. The intertidal interface is extremely important to many species, especially as waterfront property becomes increasingly in demand. The Vesper Point viewpoint and picnic area can still be enjoyed by people and dogs on leash, as well as Arab Cove and Cook's Point. Restricted access on Vesper Point
Dogs on-leash at all times: Another important action for protecting the natural environment and the visitor experience is the requirement for dogs to stay on leash at all times while in the park. Information signs have been installed to remind visitors of this new park rule. Dogs on-leash at all times b
Building removals: Unsafe buildings and structures that are too expensive to repair, will be removed during February through May, and some areas will be temporarily closed. Other remaining buildings will be repaired, and future plans call for the building of picnic shelters and other day use facilities in the Recreation Zone. Building removals