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Be Grab and Go Ready!

Be Proactive. Be Safe. Be Ready.
When an emergency strikes, your personal comfort and well-being is essential - assembling a Grab and Go bag will bring some peace of mind and increase your disaster resilience. Backpacks are most comfortable and when full should weigh no more than of the weight of the person carrying it. The bag should be of good quality and sturdy, preferably waterproof and have outer pockets for items you may need right away. You don't need to spend a fortune - go to a dollar store, camping stores, thrift shops or look online for supplies. Once your Grab and Go bag is stocked up, check the contents every 6 months to update and change out expired food, water and medications and ensure you have the right size and season of clothing. Suggested items include: To book a presentation in the Electoral Areas or the District of Lantzville, email BeReady@rdn.bc.ca or phone 250-390-6541.

For further information on emergency planning please contact: Strategic and Community Development Department at 250-390-4111 Email: emergencyplanning@rdn.bc.ca.

For a complete list or more emergency preparedness information go to Emergency Management BC's website: www.embc.gov.bc.ca or Public Safety Canada at www.getprepared.gc.ca.

*While these websites promote being prepared for 72 hours, recent events indicate it is more realistic to prepare for at least ONE WEEK.

For further information on Emergency Planning & Preparedness please contact:
Transit and Emergency Planning Department
250-390-4111 | toll free at 1-877-607-4111 | e-mail: emergencyplanning@rdn.bc.ca
Last Modified:  Jan 13, 2017
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