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Zero Waste

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In 2002, the Regional District of Nanaimo committed to "Zero Waste" as its long-term waste reduction and diversion target.

Zero Waste focuses on reducing the region's environmental footprint by minimizing the amount of waste that must be landfilled through reduction, reuse, recycling, redesign, composting, and other actions. The RDN was the first jurisdiction on Vancouver Island and one of several forward looking local governments in Canada and around the world to move beyond recycling and adopt a Zero Waste approach to eliminating waste.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is:
Zero Waste and the Solid Waste Management Plan
Food Waste Collection Program The Residential Food Waste Collection Pilot Project is one of several Zero Waste Plan initiatives now underway.

Zero Waste initiatives are an integral part of the RDN's Solid Waste Management Plan, which has set an interim goal of diverting 75% of the region's waste from the landfill by 2010. The Solid Waste Management Plan is a long-term vision of how the regional district will manage its solid waste, including diversion and future disposal needs.

Some of the Zero Waste programs, projects and research in the Solid Waste Management Plan include:
Progress on the road to Zero Waste

The RDN and its member municipalities, residents and businesses have led the way in innovative approaches to reducing the amount of garbage that must be landfilled. In 1991, we introduced Canada's first user pay residential garbage collection system. Since then, the RDN and its partners have expanded curbside recycling programs, banned paper, metal, commercial food waste, clean wood waste and other recyclable materials from the landfill, and successfully promoted composting throughout the region.

Commercial Food Waste The RDN Commercial Food Waste Diversion program now diverts more than 6,000 tonnes of food waste annually from the Regional Landfill.
Here are some of the milestones we have passed on the road to Zero Waste:

More information

Check out the Links and Resources to learn more about Zero Waste. There are also links to learn about product stewardship and our easy-to-use on-line Recycling Directory.

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