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Illegal Dumping Prevention and Enforcement

Illegal Dumping in the RDN Report illegal dumping to Solid Waste Services by calling 250-390-6560, 1-877-607-4111 (toll-free) or submit the form below.
Illegal dumping has been a long-standing concern in the Regional District of Nanaimo. In 2012, 42 tonnes of illegally dumped material was recovered and disposed of appropriately.

Although it represents only .0002% of the total solid waste generated in the region, illegally dumped material can have serious effects on the environment, wildlife habitat and the ability of others to use and enjoy outdoor recreational areas.

Illegal dumping is an ugly blight on our landscape with many unseen impacts. Harmful chemicals are produced as rainfall percolates through garbage, potentially damaging ground and surface water and fish habitat. Wildlife can be injured, poisoned, maimed or killed as a result of foraging through garbage looking for food. Bears can develop a taste for human discards and become a nuisance, which can result in them being killed when they start foraging in people's yards looking for garbage.

By dumping illegally, violators create a problem that costs everyone in the region. The RDN is taking several steps to combat and prevent illegal dumping, including funding the clean-up of disposal sites and allocating staff time to carry out illegal dumping surveillance, prevention, education and enforcement activities.

Yard waste is still a "waste". Disposing of yard and garden waste other than at an approved facility is still illegal dumping. Waste attracts other waste and illegal dumping encourages other similar activity.

Pursuant to RDN Bylaw No. 1386, those who generate (own), deliver or abandon waste illegally can be subject to a fine of up to $200,000.

Illegal dumping sign

What Can You Do...

Appropriately dispose of extra garbage, household hazardous waste and other materials

Here are some options:

Supported Community Groups/Events in 2013

Observe, record and report

Help combat illegal dumping by observing, recording and reporting: What to Record
Important Information
Witness/Witnesses Name
Phone no.
Postal Code
Is witness willing to testify in court
Violation Witnessed
Vehicle Description
Vehicle Color
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
Vehicle License Plate
Vehicle Prov/State
Vehicle Unusual Markings
Details of Violation
Private Property
Type of waste dumped Residential Garbage Commercial garbage Yard waste
Other (please explain)
Is the location inside city limits
Description of Violator
Name (if known)
Physical marks or scars
Clothing (hat, coast etc.)
Match Characters:
( Entering the matching characters )

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