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Environmental Policy

Liquid Logo The Regional District of Nanaimo's (RDN) Wastewater Services (WWS) Environmental Policy reflects the values and priorities of the RDN's Board Strategic Plan 2016-2020, Regional Growth Strategy and Liquid Waste Management Plan.

The RDN's WWS is committed to providing reliable, high quality, and cost-effective wastewater services to the people and communities we serve. We strive to optimize our treatment and re-use processes and employ state-of the art pollution prevention strategies at our facilities. In fulfillment of this commitment, it is the WWS policy:

Environmental Policy This policy will be communicated regularly to all WWS staff and will be made available to regulatory agencies, the public, or other interested parties upon request.
Randy Alexander
General Manager, Regional and Community Utilities
Date: 11 October 2016
Last Modified:  Jan 3, 2017
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