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Grants-in-Aid Criteria

The Regional District of Nanaimo's Grants-in-Aid Committee meets twice each year to award grant funding to organizations to use for social programs and services in the Regional District. Grant applications are only considered from registered non-profit organizations that meet the following criteria.
  1. Grants-in-aid are for the following general uses:
    1. requests showing a significant benefit to the Regional District of Nanaimo or a specific area within the Regional District including, but not limited to:
      • the promotion of volunteer participation and citizen involvement;
      • the use of new approaches and techniques in the solution of community needs;
      • activities/programs which are accessible to a large portion of the community's residents such as special events;
    2. start-up costs for new organizations or new programs;
    3. volunteer training;
    4. capital costs for equipment or improvements to organization owned facilities.

  2. To be eligible for grant funding the organization must:
    1. be a non-profit society;
    2. be a local organization within the Regional District of Nanaimo;
    3. demonstrate that the grant request is for a specific service or use, and will provide a social enrichment service to the community;
    4. demonstrate that the service provided fills a need in the community and that there is no overlapping with existing services.

  3. In addition to the completed Grant-in-Aid application form, the applicant must also provide the following information for the organization with the application package:
    1. current year budget;
    2. full financial statements for its operation (noting any other sources of funding);
    3. details regarding the specific use for the grant funds requested, and a breakdown of all expenses for the use of the grant.

  4. The following services and/or functions are not eligible for grant-in-aid funding:
    1. annual operating expenses;
    2. remuneration (wages, salaries, or other fees for service);
    3. capital improvements to rented or leased premises;
    4. private enterprise.

  5. Applications will not be accepted from organizations having a prime base of operation in the City of Nanaimo or the District of Lantzville. Organizations based in these areas should apply through their respective municipality's grants-in-aid process. Any applications received from organizations within these areas will be returned to the applicant.

  6. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant.

  7. Applications that do not meet the criteria will not be accepted.
Last Modified:  Apr 19, 2016
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