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RDN Recreation & Parks Golden Shoe Hunt

10th Annual Golden Shoe Hunt
April 15th - May 20th 2016

The 10th Annual Golden Shoe Hunt will encompass regional and community parks in electoral areas A to H. With 12 Regional Parks encompassing 2,061 hectares, 60 kilometres of developed trail, and over 180 parks in the seven electoral areas, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the benefits of having nature close at hand. Join us along with your family and friends to explore these natural treasures and take part in the 10th annual Golden Shoe Hunt.

How can I join the hunt?

Each week a "golden" shoe will be hidden in one of the Regional District's Regional or Community parks or trails. A clue will then be posted that should lead you to the park and the shoe, in which you will find prizes and a log book to enter a message and your name into. All six shoes will remain in their hiding places until after the May long weekend, so there is plenty of time to find them.

Take a picture with the shoe and send to recparks@rdn.bc.ca to be entered into our prize draws.

Clues and instructions for the locations of the shoe will be posted weekly here and on the RDN Facebook and Twitter pages.

2016 Golden Shoe Hunt Clues

For this tenth year
have no fear.
The Golden Shoe will be
In places you hold dear.

It's been a long time
and now our clues rhyme,
but the parks are the same piece of heaven
that they were in 2007.

Clue #6

Original Clue (2007):
Suspend yourself across this creek in the southern region and you will find an informational kiosk where the Golden Shoe can be found.

Hint (2016)
This last shoe is on a Canadian trail where you could spend a whole day.
It is closer to Timberlands than Spruston, but you can find it from either way.
Come prepared and find the shoe on the bridge at the beginning of your hike
Then follow the trail for as long as you like.

Clue #5

Original Clue (2007):
This one may not have a 2007 clue,
But the park may become one of your favourites too!

Extra hint (2016)
Find the shoe in this "prince" of a park.
Take a walk from the entrance at Allsbrook if you go on a lark;
Find the bridge to left marked with the "2"
In the ferns beside you will find the shoe.

Clue #4

Original Clue (2007):
"Make sure to stay behind this backstop if a sporting event is taking place at this Area H Community Park. This park also acts as one entrance to a country trail."

Extra hint (2016)
To Find the shoe go and play ball
Directly behind the hall.
When you're done, go for a stroll
On this trail where you can also roll.

Clue #3

Original Clue (2007):
"Deep into this central regional park you are bound to find glorious water falls on this creek. Reach the fourth bridge along the trail and you will find the Golden Shoe"

Extra hint (2016)
Same shoe (pee-ew!). Same park; different start.
Start your search from this park's new AMENITY
and follow the well- marked trail.
Don't be stumped,
you'll find the shoe just beyond trail marker 23
which is posted to a tree.

Clue #2

Original Clue (2007):
"Follow this gazette road allowance to the community park at the north end of the loop to retrieve your next code from the shoe by the bridge with 20 planks across the top."

Extra hint (2016)
This northern "wood" could get pretty "wild"
But it's still a great place to take your child.
Alice must have found the shoe;
Follow her and you'll find it too.
Go toward the wild not the light,
Look under the bridge to find the shoe so bright.

Clue #1

Original Clue (2007):
"You need to travel far out on this peninsula to comb the beach near the benches on this northwest tip."

Extra hint (2016)
This park has a view,
of water - and wildlife too!
Become a "comber" and walk,
To the benches where you can talk.

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