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11th Annual Golden Shoe Hunt

April 13 - May 20th, 2017

This year, celebrate the RDN's 50th Anniversary by exploring some of our oldest and most historical regional and community parks in electoral areas A to H. Clues and instructions for the locations of the shoes will be posted weekly here, on RDN Facebook and RDN Twitter starting April 13th.

How does it work?

Clues are posted each week that will guide you to a park and a shoe within that park. Inside the shoe, find a log book and small prizes; sign the log book, take a prize, and snap a picture of yourself with the shoe. Send your picture to goldenshoe@rdn.bc.ca or post on social media with the hashtags #rdnparks and #myrdn for a chance to win more prizes.

2017 Golden Shoe Hunt Clues

For additional clues follow us on Instagram.

Clue #6

The RDN's newest trail is where you’ll find the final Golden Shoe. Planning for trail along this area in Oceanside began in the fall of 2013, and construction started in May 2016. It opened for the public just before Christmas, but has yet to have an official opening – that has been postponed until early next fall.

You might want to bring a bike to find the shoe, so you can ride the full 7km and get an ice cream too!

Start looking at the “Spring” end and find the shoe - without leaving the path - before it leaves the wood.

Clue #5

This park has only been with us since it was purchased in 2011, but was first identified by the RDN in 1995 as a priority site for regional park acquisition due to its rare conservation and recreation values. Since then it has been home to a Golden Shoe three times, making this the 4th time and the location where the shoe has been hidden most! In addition to being a great hiding place for the shoe, this popular park offers gorgeous views, walking trails, picnicking, and more. It is host to a number of our nature programs and our popular camp "Go Wild" which will be offered again this summer.
Go past the building where the boats used to sit
Look into the trees and you'll find it!

Clue #4

The RDN initiated development of this regional trail in 1995 under license from the Province of BC. The trail runs along an old rail grade used to move coal from the mines of South Wellington to Boat Harbour during the early years of the 20th Century.
On the eastern side of the river
Park at the Provincial Park and walk left at the loo.
Walk down toward the lake,
Find the regional trail and the shoe.

Clue #3

Acquired in 1991 and with a 10 year management plan done in 2014, this park is a favourite of hikers, dog walkers and mountain bikers. With its two possible entrances, steep ravines and many unmaintained trails there could be a million hiding places for the shoe; don't worry we've kept it close to the parking area.
Explore as you'd like, but make sure to watch out for mountain bikers, and stay on the trails.
"Weigle" on out to this Regional Park and find Golden Shoe #3 on the "Home Run"!

Clue #2

This Community Park in Electoral Area G was first acquired in 1977, and is surrounded by a lovely family neighbourhood. Last summer, one of the first RDN Recreation Picnic and Play events was held here, drawing over 60 neighbours out to eat, play and have fun. There will be another Picnic and Play here in August- everyone is welcome to attend!
You won't "tire" looking for this shoe,
I climbed in, and you may have to too!

Clue #1

Work on this trail began in the late 1990's with volunteers blazing over 5km of trail on the inland side of the E&N Railway. Today, the South Loop offers a fully wheelchair accessible trail that meanders among the Douglas Fir, including a continuous tapping rail for visually or balance impaired walkers.
Once you've walked along the trail...
Have a seat and reach behind
There the golden shoe you'll find.

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