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Sustain the land, save landfill space

Collecting grass clippings with your bagging mower, accumulates as much as 8.5 tonnes of clippings per acre per season. That means an average-sized lawn can produce four tonnes of clippings in just one summer, so grasscycling makes good sense.

What is grasscycling?

Mower Grasscycling is a snap and works wonders for your lawn. It simply means leaving grass clippings on the lawn after mowing. This allows organic material to cycle back into the soil resulting in:

Why grasscycle?

It's easy. Grasscycled clippings disappear into your lawn leaving it looking healthy and green. There's no more need to collect your grass clippings for composting or disposal.
Save time!
You can cut the amount of time you spend on your lawn by over 35% because grasscycling eliminates collecting clippings and reduces the need for watering and fertilizing.
Save money! Grasscycling makes a healthier lawn and save water!

How do I grasscycle?

A few simple changes can get you started...

Let It Grow Let it grow! Let it lie! Keep it sharp! Water wisely! Add nitrogen to your compost! No thatch! Helpful insects
Many insects are beneficial to your garden. Avoid using chemical insecticides, and ladybugs, lacewings, minute pirate bugs, damsel bugs etc., will be abundant in your garden and you will find them eating harmful insects.
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