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The Building Permit Process

Building Inspection Services

Once a building permit application has been accepted, it goes through several stages of review before it is ready to be issued. These typically include addressing, planning, zoning review and code review. At this stage it is possible for other issues to arise that may require additional information or documentation such as a need for a professional engineer, a development permit, variance permit, a height survey or other information. You will be contacted as soon as possible regarding any additional information that is required.

Permit Processing time:

We are committed to processing all permit applications as quickly as possible. For residential construction (new houses, additions, alterations and accessory buildings) the processing time can be 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the time of year and volume of permits. Permits for small projects are processed much quicker while the commercial permits vary from one project to the next.

For large commercial projects with Development Permit implications, a pre-application meeting with staff from our Building Inspection and Planning Departments can be arranged to provide further information including an estimate of the permit processing time.

Building permits are only issued when:

Building Permit Duration:

The application remains active for 6 months from application date. Once a permit is issued, it remains valid for up to two years, only if: The first inspection is completed within 6 months from permit issue date, or; The work is not suspended or discontinued for more than one year

All permits expire two years after the date of issue; however it is possible to renew a permit for an additional period if necessary to complete the project.

*** No construction is permitted to take place prior to issuance of a building permit ***
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