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Booking Inspections

Building Inspection Services

Building inspectors conduct inspections at various stages of construction and keep records on file for future reference. Beyond the immediate role of ensuring safe construction, these inspection records provide verification of no longer visible building elements located within a building or structure. Lending institutions, appraisers, lawyers and others can then rely upon these files in determining the value of a building. Building Clerks can also assist you with the preparation of your building permit application.

It is the permit holder's responsibility to request inspections at least 48 hours (exclusive of Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays) and to obtain inspections at the following stages of construction. To book a building inspection call 250-390-6530 with your building permit number, type of inspection required and what date you would like the inspection. You can call to book an inspection Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30. If you leave a message outside of office hours no inspection will be booked. Gabriola inspections are only booked for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Required Inspections:
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***** Ensure all approved plans are on site for all inspections*****
Last Modified:  May 20, 2015
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