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French Creek Enhancement Project

Project Description

The RDN completed bank erosion/habitat enhancement work during the summer of 2012 to stabilize a section of French Creek that was eroding. The riparian area next to the creek has large conifer trees and the erosion was causing tree failure and siltation downstream. This erosion, left unabated, would eventually ‘eat’ away much of Miller Park and falling trees could pose a danger to park users and to the property owners adjacent to the park.

The prime contractor for the remedial works was BC Conservation Foundation. The engineering consultant was NHC in Nanaimo who have experience working with these sensitive environmental conditions. The solution to the problem is a good example of ‘green engineering’ where natural materials are used to absorb and deflect the energy from rising water to control erosion while providing habitat for salmon, trout and amphibians underneath the tree rootwads. The riparian habitat was also enhanced by volunteers from the Friends of French Creek Conservation Society who planted shrubs and trees along the bank.

These enhancement works are easily seen from the peaceful trail that runs along the creek in Miller Community Park. We encourage residents to visit Miller Park for an opportunity to get close and personal with French Creek.

French Creek Enhancement Project
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