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Regional District of Nanaimo Community Survey Results

In early 2014, the Regional District of Nanaimo engaged Ipsos Reid to complete a community survey by telephone. This survey and its results are a key component of the Operational and Efficiency Review we are conducting to examine our operations and look for efficiencies. Our thanks to all of the residents in the RDN’s Electoral Areas and member municipalities who took the time to participate.

Biosolids Program

Learn about where and when biosolids are applied. We provide monthly application maps with mountain bike trails overlaid. Since 2003, RDN biosolids have been used in Vancouver Island University's (VIU) Forest Fertilization Program. Through this program, 100 per cent of RDN biosolids are diverted from the landfill and applied to forested land to improve tree growth.

Regional Water Budget Study

A Water Budget uses simple accounting to compare how much water goes into and out of a system. When more water is taken out than is replenished, the system may experience stress. The RDN commissioned this inventory of our surface water and groundwater to compile what is known about water quantity and demand in our region. Explore the reports at www.rdnwaterbudget.ca

Regional Growth Strategy

Learn about the Regional Growth Strategy and how it is being implemented to build a more sustainable region.

Watershed Maps

The RDN can be divided into 7 major watershed areas, where water drains to the ocean via different particular systems of rivers/ creeks. We are all affected by what goes on in our watersheds. Learn more about where you live by finding your watershed on the map.

Drinking Water Videos

Where does your drinking water come from? Find out by watching a short video clip that explains the source of tap water for each of the municipal water systems and the RDN water service areas.

Affordable Housing

Find out about different housing options in the region and how the RDN is working towards meeting housing needs

Hazards and Risks

Learn about hazards and risks in your region.

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