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Hazards and Risks

Learn about hazards and risks in your region.


Protect your home from wildfire - home hazard assessment, FireSmart landscaping, fire resistive building materials and development considerations

Are You Ready?

Take this quiz to see how prepared you are in case of emergency or disaster.

Be A Volunteer!

Give back to community and help others during an emergency or disaster. Email BeReady@rdn.bc.ca for an application.

Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness

Learn how to protect yourself and your family during an emergency or disaster. Book your free workshop today!

If you have taken an introductory NEP workshop and would like to learn more about how to develop your team and advanced NEP functions and skills, Click Here for more details.

Livestock Preparedness

The Ministry of Agriculture provides resources on livestock evacuation.

Emergency Planning for Your Pet

Advance planning is essential - it could save your pet's life and make yours much easier during an emergency.

Rainwater Collection

To be prepared for an emergency, it is a good idea to have a back-up source of water, or a source of water that is independent from the municipal system. Rainwater collection is an excellent way to make use of the abundant winter rains by storing this water for an emergency or simply for an extremely dry summer when watering restrictions are high.

Residential Renewable Energy

Renewable energy systems can help homeowners reduce carbon emissions, make savings on utility costs and provide energy security in the face of uncertain economic and natural climates.

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