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Water Conservation Interview – June 2015 Shaw TV

Watch an informative interview with the RDN Drinking Water & Watershed Protection program coordinator, on the topic of local water supply, water conservation and water restrictions.

Drinking Water Videos

Where does your drinking water come from? Find out by watching a short video clip that explains the source of tap water for each of the municipal water systems and the RDN water service areas. Learn where it comes from, how it reaches you and what we can all do to conserve it.

Winter Wonderland on Ice

The holiday elves have been busy transforming Oceanside Place Arena into a Winter Wonderland. Special lighting and décor along with a touch of holiday magic will make you feel as though you’re skating on an outdoor pond under the light of the moon and millions of twinkling stars. Join us for a variety of public skate sessions being held December 13th - 31st.

Green Building Videos

These short videos are meant to showcase the best 'green' building examples in our region. If you have any questions about the content, please contact Ting Pan, Sustainability Coordinator at sustainability@rdn.bc.ca or 250-390-6510.

Action for Water Video

As our population grows, we need to tackle issues of groundwater depletion, stream degradation, surface water contamination and the impacts climate change will bring. Land use planning and development standards cannot be effectively modified without a clear understanding of our water resources, where they are changing and why. These topics are covered in this short 12 minute video giving you the context for the Drinking Water and Watershed Protection service.

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