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Meadowood Community Park

Park Location

Meadowood Community Park is located in the Corcan Meadowood Community, part of RDN Electoral Area F, at 1810 Galvin Place (accessed from Meadowood Drive, Corcan Road, Baylis Road, Hwy 1A).

Park Setting

Meadowood Community Park is a 9 ha (22 acre) property, half of which is forested, and the other half is open and exposed due to the former land use as a gravel extraction site.

The surrounding features include Qualicum River, Little Qualicum Regional Park, Little Qualicum Provincial Park and a BC Hydro corridor. The park is also home to Dashwood Fire Hall #2.

Park Timeline

  • 1999 - Meadowood Community Park was created through the transfer of land from Wicklow West Holdings Ltd. as part of the requirement for parkland in their subdivision process.
  • 2011 - Electoral Area F Parks and Open Spaces Advisory Committee (POSAC) identified Meadowood Park development on the RDN workplan.
  • 2011 - RDN made a successful grant submission to the Province for $54,500 toward Phase 1 park construction.
  • 2012 Public consultation for the park masterplan.
  • 2013/14 Phase 1 planning and construction.

Construction Funding

The Province of BC, through the Community Recreation Grant (2011) has contributed $54,500; the Regional District of Nanaimo is contributing $89,500, and the local Corcan-Meadowood Community has fundraised a total of $5,000 towards the project so far.

Phase 1 Park Development

The first phase of park development is now underway and will focus on northwest corner of the park and will include a natural play space, playground equipment, a sport court, landscaping and a small parking area. The RDN is working closely with the Corcan-Meadowood Community Association (CMRA) to develop the park. If you are interested in volunteering and/or donating to the project, please contact Elaine Peligren at epeligren@dominionlending.ca.

Phase 1 Development Schedule

  • Winter 2014 - rough grading of site and preparation of construction tender
  • Spring 2014 - Phase 1 construction
  • Fall 2014 - Hydroseeding, treeplanting, park completion
  • Spring 2015 - Anticipated Park Opening
Under Construction

Check here for park development updates!

Spring/Summer 2014:
  • Monthly information meeting with Corcan Meadowood Residents Association
  • May - Milestone Equipment Contracting hired for park construction
  • June 4: Playground equipment arrived!
  • June 9: Site grading and layout begun
  • June 23: Fencing of the playground site
  • July 2: Start of playground installation
  • July 8: Concrete pour of footings, timber bridges installed
  • July 14: Playhills formed; safety surfacing installed; paths laid out
  • August 18: Play equipment installed; asphalt playcourt poured.
  • UPCOMING: Building of volunteer pavilion; amenities installed (signs, bike rack, garbage bin, etc.); waiting for cooler weather for hydroseeding and treeplanting.

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