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Green Bylaw Amendments

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Amendments to Zoning Bylaws to Support Green Building Technologies and Systems in Electoral Areas 'A', 'C', 'E', 'F', 'G' and 'H'

What is this about?

In 2010, the Regional District of Nanaimo completed a study on Overcoming Barriers to Green Buildings in the RDN, which provided recommendations on how to address potential regulatory hindrances to green buildings in the region. In 2014, the RDN reviewed the current land use bylaws and regulations to identify potential barriers to green building features, systems and technologies, and to propose regulatory changes.

The RDN hosted three Publication Information Meetings on September 16, 17 and 18, 2014 to introduce the proposed changes to "Regional District of Nanaimo Land Use and Subdivision Bylaw No. 500, 1987" and "Regional District of Nanaimo Electoral Area 'F' Zoning and Subdivision Bylaw No. 1285, 2002", which are intended to remove potential regulatory barriers to green building features and technologies within Electoral Areas A, C, E, F, G, and H.

The proposed amendments (Amendment Bylaws No. 500.396 and No. 1285.22) received first and second reading at the Regular Board meeting held on October 28, 2014. The staff report to the Board and summaries of minutes of the Public Information Meetings can be found on this page under Reports and References below. A public hearing for the proposed bylaw amendments was held on Thursday, January 15, 2015 in the Regional District of Nanaimo Administration Building.

At the regular Board Meeting held on February 24, 2015, the proposed amendments were adopted and became effective immediately.

What are the changes?

Changes to Zoning Bylaw 500 (Electoral Areas A, C, E, G and H)

Changes to Zoning Bylaw 1285 (Electoral Area F only)

Changes to RDN Board Policy B1.5 - Consideration of Variance Requests

In addition to the bylaw changes, the RDN Board Policy B1.5 "Development Permit Variance Permit, Development Permit with Variance & Floodplain Exemption Application Evaluation Policy", is updated to include consideration of variances relating to green building features, systems and technologies as follows: To encourage more green buildings in the region, one goal of this project is to reduce the need for bylaw variances to accommodate green building features, systems and technologies in new development projects or retrofit situations. The proposed changes to Bylaws 500 and 1285 will reduce regulatory barriers to certain systems; however, further variances may be necessary to address site specific constraints or to ensure a proposed system is viable.

Reports and References

Where can I get more information?

Planning Department:250-390-6510 or 250-954-3798 or toll free in BC at 1-877-607-4111
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