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Bowser Village Wastewater Study

Public Meetings


Bowser Village Centre's community plan identifies sewer servicing as a key component to developing Bowser Village Centre into a "complete compact community". The 2013 Rural Village Centre Study identified Bowser as one of the RDN Village Centres most eligible for community sewer servicing. In 2014, the RDN was awarded $350,000 Federal Gas Tax Grant Funding to pursue sewer servicing studies for Bowser and Cedar Village Centres - with funds allocated $300,000 and $50,000 respectively.

Current Project

The Bowser Village Wastewater Servicing Study will produce a detailed engineering design for a potential community collection and treatment system. The project will also compare both ground and marine options for effluent disposal, with cost estimates for each. Public information meetings will be held at preliminary and detailed design stages.

Project Outcomes

NOTE that at this time the project is only for the design of a wastewater system.

The objective of this project is to come up with design options and cost estimates. The information gathered through the study will be used to help inform long-term community planning discussions. Once this project is complete, there are still several stages required before construction could be considered: including public approval, grant funding, and finalized design.

The following documents are also available for public reference:

Further information

Please direct any questions about this project to:
Wastewater Services
Regional District of Nanaimo
250-954-3792 (north)
250-390-6560 (south)
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