Request for Quotation

Recyclable Materials
Regional Landfill


The Regional District of Nanaimo (Regional District) is seeking quotations from qualified Proponents to provide bins for recyclable materials at the Regional Landfill (RL) at 1105 Cedar Road in Nanaimo; and to haul recyclables to a licensed recycling facility within the Regional District for a thirty-six (36) month period starting no later than February 1, 2017.

The Regional Landfill produced 39 tonnes (1 tonne - 1000 kilograms) of recyclable materials and 135 tonnes of corrugated cardboard in 12 months (Dec 2015 - Nov 2016).

  • RFQ - Recyclable Materials - Regional Landfill

NOTE: Anyone downloading this request for quotation, is asked to send an email to mwarren@rdn.bc.ca to ensure inclusion in any addenda that may arise

Specifications and General Scope

For the purposes of this quotation, corrugated cardboard is defined as recyclable waste from homes and businesses including, but not limited to, containers or materials used in containers consisting of three or more layers of kraft paper material. Recyclable materials are defined as newsprint, mixed waste paper, magazines, metal food or beverage containers, aluminum foil, HDPE and LDPE plastic containers.

The successful Proponent will be entirely responsible to carry out all work to haul and return bins for corrugated cardboard and recyclable materials for the RL including supply of all equipment, materials, supplies, labour and supervision necessary to complete the work, including but not limited to transportation of material from the sites, sufficient Workers Compensation coverage for non-Regional District staff etc.

The successful Proponent must remove the recyclable material bins from the RL as required by the Regional District.

The successful Proponent must provide a forty (40) cubic yard bin for corrugated cardboard and a multi recycling bin for the drop-off of recyclable materials that will include tin, paper, newsprint and plastics.

Loads leaving the RL site will be weighed on the RL scales.

Quotations will be entered into the space provided herein under the heading "Quotation Schedule/Form", attached as Appendix "A". Proponents shall issue one Quotation Schedule/Form for each year (see attached).


Responses should be clearly marked "RDN Regional Landfill Recyclable Materials Hauling Quote" and will be received before 15:00 on January 10, 2017 by hand or courier only at:
Regional District of Nanaimo
Regional Landfill
1105 Cedar Road
Nanaimo, B.C. V9X 1K9
Faxed and emailed responses will not be accepted.

Responses may be withdrawn before the deadline upon written notice to the Superintendent Scale and Transfer Service, or designate at 1105 Cedar Road or at fax number (250) 722 9437.

Responses may be replaced by alternative responses providing written notice (facsimiles of notice will be accepted) to the Superintendent Scale and Transfer Service, or designate at least twenty-four (24) hours before the deadline for closing noted herein.

Scope of Work

The Proponent will provide the following:
  1. Overall management and administration of the hauling of corrugated cardboard and recyclable materials from the Regional Landfill. Management must include the provision of competent management and administrative staff, appropriate liability insurance and bonding fee, permits, financing and other functions related to the administration of this contract.
  2. A forty (40) yard bin to handle the RL corrugated cardboard volume and a multi recycling bin for paper, tin, newsprint and plastics to be hauled to a licensed recycling facility within the Regional District as requested.
Proponents are expected to be responsible for any specific requirements that are associated with their proposed beneficial use, as specified in the regulation.


Further information regarding the specifications in this quote may be obtained from:
Maggie Warren
Regional District of Nanaimo
Superintendent Scale & Transfer Service
Email: mwarren@rdn.bc.ca
Phone: (250) 722-2044 ext. 3225
Proponents that are not familiar with the site and material are encouraged to visit the site. Site visits can be arranged by contacting Maggie Warren at the above noted email or telephone number.