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  1. The information delivered on this interactive mapping web site ( "RDNMAP" ) is provided as a public service by the Regional District of Nanaimo ( "Regional District" ) under the following terms and conditions.
  2. In return for the Regional District granting access to RDNMAP, the person ( the "User" ) accessing RDNMAP agrees to and accepts these Terms of Use.
  3. The Information will be used only for the User's personal or internal business purposes and the user must not resell, sub-license, or otherwise reproduce, publish or disseminate the information for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the Regional District.
  4. RDNMAP is supplied on an "as is, where is" basis. The Regional District assumes no obligation or liability for the use of RDNMAP by any person and makes no representations or promises regarding the completeness or accuracy of RDNMAP or its fitness for a particular purpose. RDNMAP may contain errors. RDNMAP represents a one-time capture of information as it exists at the time the information is transferred to RDNMAP and does not necessarily include the ongoing updates or corrections to the source databases maintained by the Regional District or other agencies.
  5. All rights, titles and interest (including all copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property rights) in RDNMAP remain vested in the Regional District at all times. The Regional District's original copyright and other proprietory notices included with RDNMAP must remain intact at all times.
  6. If there is a conflict between the information on RDNMAP and information contained in any other records of the Regional District, the Regional District reserves the right to rely in all cases upon the record which it considers to be the most accurate and complete.
  7. In using RDNMAP, the User agrees to indemnify the Regional District and its officers , employees and agents from and against all losses, claims, demands, actions, payments, expenses, costs, suits, and damages ( including any damages that are direct, indirect, special or consequential ) whether or not caused by the negligence of the Regional District, or its officials, employees or agents, which arise or are incurred by the Regional District in relation to the User's use of RDNMAP or the User's breach of these Terms of Use.
  8. These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of British Columbia, Canada. If any part of these Terms of Use are found to be unenforceable, then that part will be severed so that the remainder of these Terms of Use can continue to be enforceable.
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