Current Priorities

The OHWN Circle of Partners has identified the following priorities for action:
  1. Child Wellness
    Children need sufficient access to healthy food to learn, grow and thrive. OHWN is concerned about child poverty statistics in our region making it difficult for many families to access healthy and affordable food. OHWN will focus on improving food security for school-aged children and youth by supporting systems change, facilitating greater access to food, and raising awareness about poverty, food insecurity and healthy eating in Oceanside.

  2. Mental Health
    A healthy community provides opportunities for positive mental health for all citizens and ensures there are appropriate prevention and mental health services. There is an urgent need to address the challenges faced by young adults with mental health issues in Oceanside, specifically around access to services and housing. OHWN raises awareness and brings local stakeholders together to work towards healthy vibrant communities including greater access to timely, integrated services for young adults living with mental health issues.

  3. OHWN Network Development
    Community-based health networks like OHWN play an important role in addressing complex health issues through collective action. Strategic engagement with agencies, organizations and individuals will help us stay grounded in the issues that truly matter most to residents of Oceanside and help to mobilize action. Within this priority area, OHWN will monitor and evaluate the structure of the network, develop and implement plans for community outreach and stakeholder engagement, and identify opportunities to ensure the sustainability of OHWN.
See our Links page for reports and resources related to these, and more, priority areas.

As OHWN continues to grow and engage with the community, these priorities will be refined and additional priorities may be identified.