Industrial Land Supply and Demand Study

Industrial Land Supply and Demand Study On May 28, 2013 the RDN Board received the Industrial Land Supply and Demand Study conducted by Urbanics Consultants Ltd. and HB Lanarc - Golder Associates. The Board also directed staff to forward the study to member municipalities and economic organizations.


The study is intended to inform and potentially guide decisions that will affect future land use, mobility and sustainability. It is also a tool for those considering options relating to industrial development.


The study works towards implementing Goal 7 of the Regional Growth Strategy to Enhance Economic Resiliency. The study evaluates the capacity of existing industrial lands within the RDN and the degree to which regional and local demand for different types of industrial land (light, medium, heavy) is being met in locations that are consistent with regional sustainability goals. The study includes a sustainability analysis by reviewing industrial best practices related to improving energy efficiency and waste reduction and the potential for eco-industrial networking opportunities.


Key Findings

The study results show that overall, the RDN has a sufficient amount of land zoned for industrial activity to accommodate the projected industrial land demand for 2011-2021 within the Growth Containment Boundary (GCB) and, in locations that meet RDN sustainability goals. The Nanaimo Central and Qualicum Beach areas might run out of land zoned for Mixed Light Industry during 2011-2021. However, the excess demand for industrial uses at these locations could easily be accommodated in other industrial areas.

The study projects the demand for industrial land to be in the range of 30 hectares to 44 hectares during 2011-2021. This is well below the amount of land currently available as there is approximately 437 hectares of vacant industrial land and a further 313 hectares that is underutilized.

Background Information

Background information to support this project can be found in the Regional Growth Strategy, and under Relevant Documents on the RGS Website.

For More Information

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