Monitoring the Regional Growth Strategy

Monitoring the Regional Growth Strategy

The 2011 Regional Growth Strategy is a strategic planning document that defines a regional vision for sustainability for the Regional District of Nanaimo. The RGS uses goals and related policies to work towards achieving that vision. It establishes where we want to go and sets out actions for how we will get there.

The Regional District of Nanaimo has established a monitoring program to measure progress towards achieving the goals of the Regional Growth Strategy. Monitoring our progress helps us understand if our actions are having the results we intended. The monitoring program incorporates indicators and targets to measure the region’s progress towards or away from the goals and policies of the RGS. Consistent monitoring of indicators is critical to evaluating the effectiveness of policies and the need to adjust actions.

The RDN has selected 22 indicators and related targets to measure the region’s progress towards the 11 goals of the RGS. The RDN regularly updates these indicators as new information becomes available.

For a quick overview of the progress to date, please visit the link below. For more detail on the region’s progress since the adoption of the RGS in 2011, please visit the website below for complete descriptions of the 22 indicators.

The RDN selected these indicators and targets through consultation with the public, member municipalities, provincial agencies and the RDN Board of Directors. The RDN Board approved the final list of indicators and targets on January 27, 2015. Please click here for a complete record of the selection process for the targets and indicators.

View the links below for more information about the RGS Monitoring Program: