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RGS Implementation

RGS Implementation

The 2011 RGS addresses implementation in Section 5, stating that:

Being accountable for progress towards achieving the goals of this RGS requires a commitment to implementation, target-setting, establishing indicators, and monitoring.

The table below identifies several implementation actions that are either already completed, underway or that will be initiated. Where more details are available for an implementation project, the menu and table below provide links to additional information.

RGS Goal / Section Action Status Summer 2015
Section 5.0 Establish Targets & Indicators to monitor progress. RDN Board approved the list of targets and indicators in January 2015. The new Monitoring the Regional Growth Strategy website tracks annual progress towards the goals of the Regional Growth Strategy
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Section 5.0 Prepare an annual report on implementation and progress towards the goals and objectives of the RGS 2016 Annual Progress Report
2015 Annual Progress Report
2014 Annual Progress Report
2013 Annual Progress Report
2012 Annual Progress Report
Section 5.0 Corporate Implementation Strategy to show how RDN activities are consistent with the RGS. To be initiated
1. Climate Change Complete Community Energy & Emissions Plan. Completed 2013.
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2. Environmental Protection Advocate for provincial and federal government support to update and maintain SEI databases. Ongoing
Encourage the Province to regulate groundwater, require reporting on water use and protect water resources on a watershed basis. Ongoing
3. Coordinate land use & mobility Initiate discussions w/ provincial and federal transportation authorities to share data collection and analysis and prepare mobility strategy. Participated in the City of Nanaimo's Transportation Master Plan. - Adopted in 2014.
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Prepare industrial land supply and demand study and strategy (also applies to Goal 7). Completed May 2013.
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4. Concentrate housing & jobs Prepare region-wide study of rural village centres. Rural Village Centres study completed March 2013.
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5. Rural integrity Policy 5.13: Implementation - Study of options for more sustainable forms of subdivision - to limit sprawl and fragmentation on rural residential land. Alternative Forms of Rural Development Study completed October 2012.
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6. Affordable housing Identify next steps to addressing affordable housing issues. Housing Action Plan received by the RDN Board in January 2011 and direction given to undertake different actions.
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New section of the RDN website created in 2012 and updated in November 2013 to provide information on Affordable Housing Resources.
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Secondary Suites Strategy implemented in May 2014 with the adoption of zoning bylaw changes.
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7.Vibrant, resilient economy 7.2 Support and encourage economic development. Northern Community Economic Development Program Established 2012 – ongoing implementation.
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Southern Community Economic Development Service Agreement completed 2012.
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7.6 Collaborate in the preparation of a regional industrial land supply strategy and ensure that the region remains competitive in its ability to attract industrial development. See Goal 3 above. Completed May 2013.
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7.9 Collaborate in the preparation of a commercial (retail and office) land strategy to ensure that the supply, location, distribution, form and type of commercial development is consistent with sustainability and growth management objectives of the RGS and supports the continued vitality of the sector. To be initiated.
8. Food security Prepare study of agriculture in the region to identify issues and present and future needs of the agricultural sector. Agricultural Area Plan completed and adopted by RDN Board October 2012.
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Agricultural Area Plan 2014-2016 Action Plan completed November 2013.
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Committee established in 2013 to oversee carrying out the Action Plan during 2014-2016.
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Emergency Livestock Evacuation Plan approved in 2013.

9. Pride of Place Ongoing activities through implementation and development of parks plans and OCP's. Cedar Main Street Plan completed September 2013.
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City of Nanaimo's Cultural Plan adopted in 2014 and now being implemented.
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Qualicum Beach Cultural Plan completed 2012 with ongoing implementation.
RDN Community Parks and Trails Guidelines approved 2014.
Community Parks and Trails Strategy for Electoral Areas 'E', 'F', 'G' and 'H' completed 2013.
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10. Efficient services Prepare strategy for servicing rural village centres (See Goal 4). Will be pursued for different Rural Village Centres as funding permits.
11. Cooperation among jurisdictions Continue outreach initiatives to First Nations including signing of protocol agreements. Ongoing outreach initiatives and discussions on areas of mutual interest.

First handyDART servicing agreement signed between Snaw-Naw-As and RDN in 2013.

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