Rural Water Quality Stewardship – Rebate Program

This program is now closed for 2017; check back for 2018 program details in January.

Approximately 50% of the residents in the RDN depend on groundwater; a large proportion of these residents have their own private well that they manage for their drinking water.

Improperly constructed or poorly maintained wells can act as a direct pathway for surface contaminants such as manure, petroleum products and fertilizers to enter the groundwater.

In order to assist residents in maintaining and improving groundwater quality in rural areas, the RDN is offering rebates for well water quality tests and well protection upgrades.

This cost-sharing initiative will:

  1. Decrease financial barriers to rural residents in improving their well construction
  2. Increase access to water quality testing for rural residents
  3. Prompt well owners to inspect the integrity of their wells and learn more about water quality protection
Stewarding our shared groundwater resource helps communities maintain healthy water supplies for families, fish and our future.

DID YOU KNOW? Groundwater contributes to stream flow during the summer months.

DID YOU KNOW? Your well is drilled into an aquifer (the area underground where spaces between gravel, sand, clay, or rock fill with water) that is shared with neighbours that have wells drilled into the same aquifer - your wells are connected!

DID YOU KNOW? Information on your well may be obtained from the provincial WELLS Database? However, not all records have been submitted to the database. If you would like to submit your well log or any information about your well, please see our page on Submitting Well Records.


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WellSmart Education Program