Targets & Indicators Project

RGS Monitoring Monitoring progress helps us understand if our actions are having the results we intended. Establishing a monitoring program and preparing annual reports on Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) implementation and progress is consistent with the RDN commitment be accountable to residents and meets the requirements of the Local Government Act.

Targets & Indicators Project

On January 28, 2014 the RDN Board directed staff to proceed with a project to select indicators and set targets to monitor the RGS. This project is a key part of a Monitoring Program for the RGS. After consultation with key stakeholders and the public, the Regional Board on January 27, 2015 approved the final list of indicators and targets.

Please click here to view the final list of indicators and targets.

The Regional District of Nanaimo has launched a web-based reporting program to track the annual progress on each of 22 indicators selected by the RDN Board. Please visit www.rdn.bc.ca/rgsmonitoring to view progress towards the goals of the Regional Growth Strategy.

For more information on the process to select the indicators and targets, please view the project steps and related documents provided below.

1 - Background Information - Completed 2012-2013

2 - Confirmation - Winter-Spring 2014

Consultation with RDN Board and Staff, and Relevant Professionals

Staff Report, June 27, 2014: Provides an overview of Stage 2 of the project to confirm suitable indicators and targets using feedback from RDN Board and Staff, and 'relevant professionals'. This staff report presents the following information:

3 - Community Feedback - Summer - Fall 2014

Community Engagement on RGS Indicators and Targets
On July 22, 2014, the RDN Board directed staff to proceed with the Community Engagement phase of the Indicators and Targets Project. Community members were given an opportunity to give feedback on the draft list of indicators and targets, this involved using an online survey that closed on October 16, 2014.

4 - Finalize - Winter 2014

Finalize Indicators and Targets
On January 27, 2015, the RDN Board considered the engagement results and a recommended final list of indicators and targets. The following information was considered by the RDN Board:

The Staff Report provides a summary of the public engagement results and the progress to date.

The report titled Stage 3 and 4 - Community Feedback and Recommended Indicators and Targets provides the complete results of the public engagement and the recommended list of indicators and targets.

The Board directed staff to initiate a program to monitor the Regional Growth Strategy using the recommended list of indicators and targets.

5 - Initiate Monitoring - Spring 2015

Initiate Monitoring Program
The monitoring program is now in stage 5 of the process. The initiation stage includes the preparation for reporting on progress towards the RGS goals, including the collection and analysis of the data for the indicators.
Develop web based reporting system
Establish a web based reporting system so that all interested parties can track the progress towards the RGS goals. RGS Implementation and Annual Reporting
Prepare 2014 Annual Report

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