The Danger Dozen Questions

This special week bring focus to all members of the public, families, work places, and schools. It is the perfect time to ask yourselves The Danger Dozen Essential Questions:

  1. Does your work, home or school have an evacuation plan?
  2. How often is this plan practiced?
  3. Do you have emergency supplies for at least 72 hours?
  4. Do you have basic first aid supplies in your home and vehicle?
  5. Have you made a list of all family members' medical conditions, prescriptions or special needs that is kept in your home, vehicle, workplace or school?
  6. Have you made a list of names, Social Insurance Numbers, Insurance Polices and vehicle registrations numbers?
  7. Have you made 'shelter in place' arrangements for your children in the event of an emergency?
  8. Have potential hazards in your home, school or workplace been identified?
  9. Have you created an emergency communications plan?
  10. Have you established a meeting place post emergency?
  11. Are you aware of the various types of emergencies, hazards or disasters that may arise in your geographic area?
  12. Are you aware of the Regional District of Nanaimo's Emergency Plan and associated first responding agencies? (check out the hot links section)

For further information on Emergency Planning & Preparedness please contact:
Transit and Emergency Planning Department
250-390-4111 | toll free at 1-877-607-4111 | e-mail: emergencyplanning@rdn.bc.ca