The Process

Electoral Area Planning Projects
Village Planning Project - Electoral Area 'H'

The Work Program, Timeframes and the Process

The work program was based on a comprehensive public consultation process, where RDN staff worked with the Area 'H' Community through a series of steps:
  1. Establishing a set of sustainability principles to guide the project.
  2. Discussing what these principles mean in the context of the Dunsmuir to Deep Bay areas, and in the context of village centres and village planning. Considering questions like what is working well? What isn't working as well? Why?
  3. Looking at solutions/options
  4. Preparing plan(s)
  5. Incorporating the results into the Electoral Area 'H' Official Community Plan and if required the Regional Growth Strategy

Focus on Bowser

In March 2009 the Area 'H' Village Planning Advisory Group agreed to focus efforts on the village centre of Bowser. Focussing on Bowser was regarded as an effective way of making use of time and resources between March and the Fall of 2009. It is anticipated that lessons learned from planning for Bowser can be applied to planning for other village areas in the future.

Where are we right now?

The Bowser Village Centre Plan was adopted by the Regional District of Nanaimo Board as an amendment to the Electoral Area 'H' Official Community Plan on June 8, 2010.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in the Electoral Area 'H' Village Planning process and especially for Area 'H' Advisory Group members who devoted many hours to attend meetings and other events.

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The above Timeframe represents the process used for the Village Planning Project up to the formal bylaw amendment process to the Electoral Area 'H' Official Community Plan.

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