Toilet Replacement Rebate Program

Toilet Replacement Rebate Program PLEASE NOTE: As of November 15th 2013, the program is closed to applications.

In October 2009 the RDN launched a rebate program for residents to replace their older toilets that required 13 litres of water or more per flush.

New high-efficiency toilets require only 4.8 litres or less per flush, and dual flush toilets use either 3 or 6 litres. By taking advantage of the toilet replacement rebate program, residents on average save more than 200 litres per day or 80,000 litres per year.

The program ran from October 2009 to November 2013, offering a maximum of two (2) rebates per property.

Under this program, 1532 toilets were replaced and $95,700 in rebate dollars were given. The estimated amount (based on 2 person households and 10 flushes per day) of water saved per year in the RDN because of these toilet replacements amounts to over 50 million litres!

The rebate program is complete, but the savings continue forever!


If you have any questions, please email us at watersmart@rdn.bc.ca or call the Regional District of Nanaimo Water Services Department at 250-390-6560 or 250-954-3792 (toll free 1-877-607-4111).