Village Planning Project - Electoral Area H

Village Planning Project - Electoral Area H

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Village Planning Project - Electoral Area 'H'

Welcome to the Electoral Area 'H' Village Planning Project

An Overview

The Electoral Area 'H' Village Planning Project was initiated in April 2008 and adopted as the Bowser Village Centre Plan June 8th, 2010. The project provided an important opportunity for Electoral Area 'H' residents to influence how the Bowser Village Centre will evolve in the future.

This project started off considering three areas designated as villages centres in Electoral Area 'H' (Dunsmuir, Qualicum Bay and Bowser) as well as a potential village in Deep Bay. As of March 2009, the project focused on Bowser Village Centre with acknowledgement that the other areas should be addressed in the future.

The Bowser Village Centre Plan was adopted as a bylaw amendment to the Electoral Area 'H' Official Community Plan to provide a higher level of detail for the Bowser Village Centre area than previously existed. The Village Centre Plan provides direction and policies that reflect how the residents of Electoral Area 'H' wish to see the Bowser Village Centre change and grow over time. The Plan includes a Land Use Concept and Designations, Policies and Development Permit Area guidelines that provide direction on community priorities for environmental protection, safety from crime, resilience to disasters, pedestrian friendly development, affordable housing, seniors housing, access to alternative transportation and recreation, fiscal accountability, transparency in governance and inclusive planning processes.

Please see Bowser Centre Village Plan to view the completed plan and bylaw.

As the first village planning project in the RDN, this project served as an important learning experience for both the RDN and Area 'H' residents. It is anticipated that the lessons learned from this project will be considered in future village planning processes. Please see Project Details for a more detailed background on the project and an overview of project activities.

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