Frequently Asked Questions

REVISED January 4, 2018

This series of questions and answers provides information about the future of the San Pareil Water Service Area. If you wish to discuss this information or have additional questions please call the RDN's Regional and Community Utilities Department at 250-390-6560 (Nanaimo area) or 1-877-607-4111 or email us at rcu@rdn.bc.ca.

Why are 42 properties in the northeast corner of San Pareil not connected to the community water system?
To the best of our knowledge, the decision to exclude the properties on Juniper Road, Cypress Road, and parts of Shorewood Drive from the community water system were made by the original developer of the subdivision in the 1970s. The water system was privately owned and operated, and it's possible that these property owners were content with their own drinking water wells and did not want to pay for community water service.
What are the future plans to connect these 42 properties?
The RDN has discussed the provision of community water supply with the group of 42 property owners over the past decade. We have had challenges moving forward as more urgent items have surfaced, i.e., fire protection/fire insurance, and now water treatment. Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection upgrades are currently underway and detailed design of the expansion has been completed. The RDN is now working on the development of a Capital Cost Charge (CCC) to determine the cost to the 42 properties to buy into the existing water system. Once the CCC Bylaw is adopted, the RDN will contact the owners of the 42 properties and present them with the estimated costs to join the system. The owners will then have the option to petition the RDN to join the system.
Will there be grants to assist with the costs to complete the system expansion?
Grant funding would be applied for but is not guaranteed.
Can we secure grant funding first and then, if successful, proceed with the petition process for the expansion?
Grant funding programs are fully subscribed at this time. Grant funds would be pursued should they become available however the Ministry of Community Development advises that projects that demonstrate public support (i.e. a successful petition) are more likely to be successful in their application for grant funding.
What does it take for a petition to pass?
The petition must be signed by the owners of at least 50% of the parcels liable to be charged for the proposed service, and;

The persons signing must be the owners of parcels that in total represent 50% of the net taxable value of all land and improvements within the proposed service area.

How will I be contacted about the petition / voting process so I don't miss out?
The San Pareil Water Service Area property owners will be contacted by mail and given an opportunity to meet and discuss the proposed water system expansion and improvements as a group. Once the wishes of the community have been identified, and the costs to expand the water service area are known, the remaining 42 property owners will be given an opportunity to return a signed petition to the RDN by mail. If insufficient support is received, the water system will not be expanded.