Active Transportation Plan

Boulevard Transportation Group Electoral Area 'A'

The Regional District of Nanaimo reviewed the Electoral Area 'A' Official Community Plan between 2008 to 2011. The purpose of this project was to identify and evaluate options that promote physical activity through the encouragement of alternate forms of transportation. The intent is to use the information from the Active Transportation plan to inform the drafting of objectives and policies on active transportation and mobility in the new OCP.

In the context of this project, Active Transportation includes human-powered forms of travel such as walking, cycling, jogging/running, rollerblading, inline and ice skating, skateboarding, use of a wheelchair or scooter, cross country skiing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Transportation is of key importance to the community and is of growing concern. The Community is faced with a number of transportation challenges including low density development which is not conducive to frequent transit service, narrow roads and roads with uneven gravel shoulders and open drainage ditches which pose a challenge for non-vehicular modes of transportation, and large separation distances between residential areas and areas where commercial goods and services can be obtained. Public safety is an issue along many roads within the Plan Area and is likely a significant deterrent in using more active forms of transportation.

The recommendations of the Plan were included in the Electoral Area 'A' Official Community Plan adopted in 2011.

Community Workshop

A Community Workshop was held on October 25th at the South Wellington Community Hall. The purpose of the workshop was to allow the community an opportunity to illustrate key transportation linkages, routes, and facilities, as well as brainstorm future opportunities for active transportation in the community. Approximately 30 people attended the workshop, which was lead by Boulevard Transportation Group, the consultants for the project. Participants were asked to answer a number of transportation questions and indicate their responses on the maps provided. A great deal of input was reviewed, which assisted in the identification and prioritization of Active Transportation improvements throughout Electoral Area 'A'.

Community Workshop

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