Agricultural Promotion and Economic Development Project

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness and general knowledge of agriculture and aquaculture in the region and promote development and investment opportunities in agriculture and aquaculture. This project will be accomplished through a range of different actions and includes the following sub-projects that together form a single larger project.
  • Sub-project 1: Creation of a Local Food Guide and Annual Food Tour
  • Sub-project 2: Advocate for Changes in Farm Tax Assessment
  • Sub-project 3: Creation of an Agricultural Website
  • Sub-project 4: Creation of an Agricultural Support Officer
  • Sub-project 5: Consider Establishing an Agricultural Development Committee
  • Sub-project 6: Year Round Farmers' Market
  • Sub-project 7: Right to Farm Education
Many of the Action Items included within this project require the RDN to investigate the current status of the issue to better understand who is involved, what is already being done, and what information already exists to determine what role the RDN could play in addressing the Action item.

It is intended that this is an ongoing project with no definite end date. However, it is proposed that during the first work plan (2014 - 2016) most of the staff time allocated to this project be primarily focused on getting a better understanding of each of the identified sub-projects in preparation for the next work plan. At that time the Board can provide direction on work plan priorities when more information is available.

Current Status

This project is currently in process and the following sub-projects are currently underway:
  • Sub-project 2: Advocate for Changes in Farm Tax Assessment : The RDN has sent a letter the British Columbia Assessment Authority requesting consideration of changes to farm tax assessment.
  • Sub-project 3: Creation of an Agricultural Website: This website was created in response to this identified sub-project. The content and purpose of this site may change to reflect new information and any additional direction that comes as a result of Agricultural Area Plan implementation.