Hosting an Event

What you need to know

Agricultural Land Commission Regulations:
  1. the farm must be located on land classified as a farm under the Assessment Act
  2. permanent facilities must not be constructed or erected in connection with the event;
  3. parking for those attending the event must be available on the farm, but must not be permanent nor interfere with the farm's agricultural productivity;
  4. no more than 150 people, excluding residents and employees of the farm, may be gathered on the farm at one time for the purpose of attending the event;
  5. the event must be of no more than 24 hours duration;
  6. no more than 10 gatherings for an event of any type may occur on the farm within a single calendar year.
Regional District of Nanaimo Zoning Regulations:
  1. 30 metre setback for all buildings, structures or events areas for a gathering for an event
  2. 1 parking spot per 4 guests must be available on the farm and must be setback 15 metres from all lot lines.
  3. Maximum site area for events shall not exceed 500 square metres
Other Considerations:
If you are planning to host a gathering for an event, consideration should be given to the following:
  • Neighbouring property owners
  • Drinkable water supply
  • Toilet facilities
  • Fire prevention
  • Noise restrictions
  • Security
  • Liquor licence
If you are hosting a gathering for an event, the event must be in compliance with all other applicable bylaws and regulations of the Regional District of Nanaimo, federal and provincial legislation including, but not limited to, the Agricultural Land Commission Act, BC Fire Code, Transportation Act and Health Act.

Contact Information:

Regional District of Nanaimo
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Island Health Authority
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Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
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