Can I have a Secondary Suite?

Secondary suites are permitted in most residential and rural zones throughout the RDN Electoral Areas A, C, E, F, G, and H. To determine if a secondary suite is permitted on your property, please visit www.rdnmap.ca or call RDN staff for assistance.

Please note, if your property is located in an unserviced area, the Province requires an approved means of on-site sewage disposal with sufficient capacity to accommodate both the principal dwelling unit and secondary suite.

Secondary suites located within or attached to a principal dwelling unit are allowed on any appropriately zoned parcel regardless of property size. However, detached suites are only permitted on properties which are at least 800 m2 in area when serviced with community water and community sewer, and 8,000 m2 for all other lots.

Please refer to the zoning regulations summary provided on page 5 of this brochure for more information. Also please note, compliance with current zoning regulations and a building permit are not required for Unrecognized suites unless a complaint related to health and safety is received by the RDN or when a property owner wishes to have an Unrecognized secondary suite Recognized.

Zoning Regulations Summary

The following provides a summary of the zoning regulations that apply to secondary suites within the RDN. This information is provided for convenience only, please refer to the applicable Zoning Bylaw for full details on all the zoning and land use regulations that apply to secondary suites.
  • Secondary suites are permitted in the following zones:
  • One secondary suite per dwelling unit to a maximum of two per lot are allowed, provided only one suite is detached.
  • A secondary suite may be located within a dwelling or detached (either as a stand alone building or as part of another accessory building).
  • Minimum site area requirements only apply to detached suites as follows: 800m2 for lots serviced with community water and sewer, 8,000m2 for all other lots.
  • The suite must not exceed 40 percent of the habitable floor space of the dwelling that it is accessory to or 90m2 of total floor space whichever is lesser.
  • Properties with secondary suites must have at least two additional off-street parking spaces.
  • Secondary suites must be limited to a maximum of two bedrooms and one cooking facility.
  • Secondary suites must not be located in a duplex, manufactured home, or multiple dwelling unit development.
  • Secondary suites must remain under the same legal title as the principal dwelling unit.
  • Secondary suites must not be used for short term (less than one month) rentals.
  • With the exception of Bed and Breakfast, Home Based Business is permitted on a parcel that contains a suite. There are additional restrictions on the type and number of Home Based Businesses on parcels less than 4,000m2 (8,000m2 in Electoral Area F).
RDN Strategic and Community Development staff can help you determine if a secondary suite is permitted on your property.