Church Road Transfer Station

Church Road Transfer Station

Gate House
The Transfer Station's scalehouse.

UN-Loading Bays
The Transfer Stations unloading bays.

Recycle Area
The Transfer Station's drive-through drop-off area for recyclables and construction/demolition waste.

CRTS is under redevelopment until fall, 2010. The facility remains open 7 days a week, but occasional service disruptions are expected. Information and updates are available at CRTS Retrofit, Redevelopment, and Expansion


Church Road Transfer Station is located on Church Road, in Electoral Area F, about four kilometres southwest of downtown Parksville. The facility opened in 1991, and is approximately two hectares in size. CRTS receives garbage, yard waste, wood waste, construction/demolition waste, and recyclables from communities in northern portion of the Regional District of Nanaimo: Parksville, Qualicum Beach, and Electoral Areas E, F, G, and H.

Garbage brought to the CRTS is transferred to the Regional Landfill in Electoral Area A. recyclables are transferred to the Vancouver Island Recycling Centre in Nanaimo, and food waste, kitchen waste, and yard waste are transferred to the International Composting Corporation Composting Facility in South Nanaimo.

The three major customers contributing waste to the transfer station include commercial haulers from the business community, municipal haulers, contracted by the RDN and local municipalities to haul waste from residences, and self haul customers from local small businesses and residents. In 2009 CRTS processed approximately 88,000 customer transactions.

All traffic enters the site via the scale house where loads are assessed and weighed according to Accepted Materials and Rates. The scale house attendant directs customers with mixed garbage to the unloading bays where it is deposited on the tipping floor. Customers with recyclable material, wood waste, yard waste, and drywall are directed to the drive-through area with designated bins.

  • Safety: All customers and visitors must comply with site safety regulations.
  • Covered/Secured Loads: Loads must be covered or secured to avoid littering roadways.
Commercial Haulers
Commercial customers that access the Landfill Face or designated Commercial Unloading Areas and the Transfer Station Commercial Building must wear a Hard Hat, Hi-Visibility Clothing and Safety Footwear.
Location and Hours of Operation:
Address: 860 Church Road, Parksville, BC
Phone: 250-248-5254
Hours: Monday - Sunday 8am - 5pm |closed on statutory holidays
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