Climate Actions Public Report

The Regional District of Nanaimo is a signatory to the Climate Action Charter. As part of this commitment, the RDN is required to monitor and publicly report the actions that it is taking in an effort to use energy more efficiently, and reduce GHG emissions. The first link below will direct you to the RDN’s Climate Actions Survey for 2014. The document captures work done across the organization, as well as in community in 2014 to reduce emission, and outlines some of that the RDN hopes to achieve in 2015. The second link below will direct you to the RDN’s Carbon Neutral Progress report for 2014. This document includes the emission summary for 2014 and key actions for 2015 that will help the RDN make progress towards becoming carbon neutral. For additional information, please contact:
Sharon Horsburgh
Sustainability Coordinator
(250) 390-6568