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Fire protection is important part of emergency services at the RDN. There are some areas within our region that do not currently have fire hydrants for fire-fighting protection. We are supportive of increasing the protection coverage area as described in the below information.

Water Storage Tanks

  • Water storage tanks are used for firefighting in rural areas that do not have hydrants or other sufficient water supplies. These tanks are an effective and inexpensive measure for protecting homes and other structures in case of structure fires or interface fire events.
  • Water tanks that are strategically placed with good access for fire apparatus and travel distance are key factors.
  • The tank size and connection to supply the fire apparatus are also key factors.
  • The tanks should be a minimum of 24,000 imperial gallons with a standard fire hydrant for connection. The tank, if possible, should be place at an elevation higher than the hydrant to have sufficient pressure to supply the fire apparatus with sufficient water flow.
  • With a tank in place, the local fire department can apply to the Underwriters insurance to obtain a "Superior Tender Shuttle Rating" for a specific distance from the water storage tank. 24,000 gallons of water is the amount of water required to be successful. If approved, residents up to eight kilometers of the tank can expect significant reduction with their fire insurance premiums. Residents that are within 300 meters from the hydrant connection are considered to have full hydrant protection.
We will provide updates on this page if and when there are approved areas within the region that we are looking to extend fire protection coverage to.

If you want to confirm you have existing fire protection coverage please contact your local fire department or the RDN Fire Service Coordinator.