FireSmart Hazard Ratings

FireSmart Hazard Ratings

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has compiled a Fire Hazard Mapping System for BC. These graduated levels are symbolized by colour on the RDN map.


Red = Extreme
Orange = High
Yellow = Moderate
Green = Low
Pale Green = not yet rated

If you reside in a 'Red' or 'Orange' zone, the RDN recommends you read the FireSmart Manual, a fire assessment. Go to to download a manual or conduct your own assessment. There are many simple and inexpensive harm reduction measures you can take. Prevention and knowledge are the best protection for your family and home. This information is provided by the BC Wildfire Service, and is under review and may be incomplete or need updating as a result of new forest harvesting or development activity. The RDN will be working with the Province and local fire departments to update and improve this information.

Check out what your fire hazard rating is by using the RDN FireHazard Map in your overall area. You can move around the map and zoom in on a particular area.



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