FireSmart Home Assessments

FireSmart Home Assessments

Looking to identify potential wildfire hazards that might exist around your home and property? Apply for a quick and convenient FireSmart Assessment emergencyplanning [at] (subject: FireSmart%20Home%20Assessment%20) (here).

Once you request your assessment online, a Local Fire Smart Representative from the RDN Emergency Services or your local Fire Department will come out to your property to perform a 20-minute assessment of the exterior of your home and property.

After the assessment, you’ll receive a copy of the report by email. This report will outline any wildfire hazards found during the assessment. The report will also provide property-specific recommendations on how to mitigate any hazards identified.

FireSmart Communities

The FireSmart Communities Program is designed to encourage self-organized groups of residents to take the lead in implementing solutions for wildfire safety on their own properties. Rather then an individual home assessment, a trained Local FireSmart Representative can come out and complete a Community Assessment for you (the Community Champion) and your neighbours.

Community Benefits of FireSmart

  • You gain a sense of increased safety
  • Develop closer relationships with neighbours and local fire agencies
  • Develop a sense of pride in caring for natural environment around your community

FireSmart Community Champions Needed

If this sounds like something your neighbourhood might be interested in, contact the RDN emergencyplanning [at] (here) and we can arrange to meet with you (the Community Champion) and your neighbours to explain the FireSmart Communities Program and upcoming Community Champion Workshops.

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