Food Waste Collection

Food Waste

Food Waste Collection Frequency

Food wasted is collected every week.

Acceptable Waste

Food Waste

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Manual Curbside Collection (until September 30, 2020)

Food waste is collected in the RDN 42L bins only. If you are new to the RDN or require a replacement bin, please contact the RDN at 250-390-6560 to arrange pick up of a free food waste bin (proof of RDN residency is required). For the safety of collection crew, the weight of food waste per container is limited to 23 kilograms or 50 pounds.

 attentionWaste placed in the new collection carts before October 1st will not be picked up.

Automated Curbside Collection (beginning October 1, 2020)

How to Use Your Food Waste Cart (green lid)

This short video illustrates how the food waste carts are to be used.

attentionYour food waste cart is equipped with a gravity lock attention

Even in the locked position (handle oriented in the vertical position), the new collection trucks will be able to open the lid when the food waste cart is tipped upside down in the 110 degree position. Keep your food waste cart locked at all times, including on collection day, to prevent wildlife interactions. 

The Importance of Composting Right

This short video illustrates what goes where and the importance of composting right as it relates to contamination in the food waste stream.

 calendar Collection Schedule 

In October 2020, the RDN will be transitioning from the current manual curbside collection service to the new automated curbside collection service - a cleaner, safer and smarter way to collect waste. Simply roll your carts to the curb on your scheduled collection day. The new collections truck will empty the carts and return them back to the curb using a mechanical arm operated by the crew from inside the cab of the truck.

Starting October 1st, 2020, RDN residents must start using their assigned automated collection carts for curbside collection.

attentionWaste placed in the new collection carts before October 1st will not be picked up.

calendar Collection will remain the same as the 2020/2021 collection schedule. Click here for check your schedule.

  • Food waste is collected weekly in your food waste cart;
  • Garbage is collected every two weeks in your garbage cart, alternating weeks with your recycling; and
  • Recycling is collected every two weeks in your recycling cart, alternating weeks with your garbage. 

By 8 AM on your scheduled collection day:

  • Roll your carts to the street with the wheels against the curb if there is one, or just off the road, on the shoulder or at the end of your driveway.
  • Face your carts with the arrows on the cart lid must point to the street. The cart lids must be completely closed and the food waste cart lid in the locked position; overflowing carts will not be collected as material will spill onto the street as it is being emptied.
  • Space your carts at least 1 m (3 ft) of clearance between the carts and any obstacles (parked cars, poles, fire hydrants, etc.) and 3 m (10 ft) of clearance above.
  • Remove your carts once the collection truck has emptied the carts, return your carts to a secure location on your property within the same day. If your carts are not collected by 6 PM, report a missed collection via the Online Portal (link will not be active until September 15th).