Green Bin

Green Bin

Not Acceptable
  • Non-compostable plastics (e.g. plastic grocery bags) are NOT acceptable in the Green Bin.
  • Plastic bags labeled as "biodegradable", "degradable" or "oxo-degradable" are also NOT acceptable in the Green Bin. These bags will not break down at the composting facility and will contribute to the contamination of the finished compost.

Line your kitchen container or green bin with certified compostable bags, paper-based products, newspaper, or simply place your scraps in loose.

Acceptable certified compostable bags will be identified by one of the two logos* below:

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) US Composting Council

Bureau de Normalisation du Quebec (BNQ)
*Paper bags do not require this logo

Material Additional detail
Food leftovers, plate scrapings Cooked, raw, moulding
Meat, fish, poultry and bones Do not include packaging or absorbing pads
Fruit and vegetable scraps Do not include fruit stickers, plastic mesh bags
Dairy products, butter, mayonnaise Waxed dairy containers
Egg shells  
Bread, cereal, grains Do not include liners, bread clips or ties
Pasta, rice, pizza Do not include Plastic bags or wrap
Baked goods, candies Do not include foil lined paper bags
Soiled paper towels and tissues Do not include Lint, dryer sheets, baby wipes, diapers
Soiled paper food packaging Do not include biodegradable bags, vacuum bags
Food soiled cardboard If not soiled, recycling instead
Used paper cups and plates Do not include coffee cups and other plastic lined cups
Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags Do not include Plastic bags and lines
Ice cream and milk & cream cartons Waxed milk containers. Do not include soy/almond/coconut milk cartons, juice cartons
Baking ingredients, herbs, spices  
Houseplants, cut and dried flowers Do not include fake flowers,
Nuts and shells  
Compostable bags (must have certified compostable logo)  

Unsure of where it should go? Please call (1-877-607-4111) or use the Recycling Directory. A list of disposal facilities in the region can be found here.