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Information for Multifamily Residents


Waste from residential sources accounts for more than 30 per cent of the garbage sent to the Regional Landfill. By reducing, reusing and participating in their complexes' recycling program multi-family residents have helped the region achieve a 64 per cent landfill waste diversion rate – one of the highest in Canada.

Please take the time to know what materials are accepted through your building's recycling program and how to prepare them. If you have questions, ask your manager.

The materials you recycle are processed into new products and extend the life of the region's only landfill. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Green house gas emissions are four to five times lower when materials are produced from recycled materials and energy savings are between 35 and 90%.
  • Recycling one tonne of paper saves 17 trees, 26,320 litres of water and 1,753 litres of oil.
  • Recycling corrugated cardboard saves 25% of the energy needed to make cardboard from virgin fibre.
  • Recycling one tonne of PET plastic (used in food containers) saves 5-7 cubic metres of landfill space.
  • Producing steel from recycled scrap metal saves 75% of the energy required for steel made from virgin ore.

How and where to recycle on materials not accepted in your complex's garbage containers

For information about where to dispose of oversize items, small appliances, electronics, scrap metal, paints, solvents and pesticides visit the links below.
RDN Recycling Directory Click here to find recycling services and options near you.

  • Learn about paints accepted and where to take them.

  • Get info about where to take returnable bottles and cans for refund and where to take unwanted electronic goods.

  • Get info about BC's Small Appliance Recycling Program.

Recycling Hotline

  • For answers to questions about how to recycle oversized and other unwanted items. Call the Recycling Council of BC Hotline toll-free at 1-800-667-4321.