Regional District of Nanaimo | Multi-Family Recycling Program

Multi-Family Recycling Program

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The RDN is committed to "Zero Waste" as its long term goal to eliminate waste and make garbage a thing of the past. Condominiums, townhouses, and apartments and mobile home parks are a growing housing sector and part of the region's Zero Waste Plan to minimize waste sent to landfill.


The Multi-Family Recycling Program is designed to increase waste diversion by enabling multi-family residents to recycle the same materials collected through the region's curbside program. This is a collaborative effort involving multi-family properties, waste haulers and the RDN.

Putting the program into action

Since 1991, the RDN has progressively banned materials from landfill disposal as local recycling and processing facilities become available.

In 2010, household plastic containers were added to recyclable paper, cardboard, and metal already banned from the landfill.

Thanks to the cooperation of waste haulers and the owners and management of multi-family dwellings, 86 per cent of complexes in the region are now meeting the requirements of the ban on landfill disposal of household recyclable materials.

All multi-family complexes should have a system in place to collect and recycle all household recyclables subject to the landfill disposal ban. Your waste hauler can help your complex increase its on-site recycling and comply with the landfill bans.