Nanaimo Airport Planning Process

Nanaimo Airport Planning Process Welcome to the Nanaimo Airport Planning Process web page. The key objective of the process is to provide greater certainty for all stakeholders regarding future development and land use at the Nanaimo Airport. The Nanaimo Airport is located on approximately 211 hectares of land situated in the south west corner of Electoral Area 'A'. It is a regional facility, owned and operated by the Nanaimo Airport Commission (NAC). Jurisdiction over land use is shared between the RDN and the NAC. The NAC has jurisdiction over aeronautic and aeronautic-related uses and uses which are considered vital components of airport operations. The RDN has jurisdiction over uses which are not related to and are not vital to the operation of an airport.

During the Electoral Area 'A' Official Community Plan Review one of the issues raised by some participants was the uncertainty about jurisdiction over land use at the Nanaimo Airport. As the OCP Review process progressed it became apparent that this matter could not be resolved within the time-frame of the OCP review so direction was provided in the OCP for a separate region-wide engagement process to identify and respond to issues related to land use at the Nanaimo Airport.

The process has three main purposes:

  1. Increased awareness for the community and other stakeholders regarding the roles and responsibilities for planning and regulating uses on the Nanaimo Airport lands;
  2. Greater certainty with respect to what is meant by non-aviation related uses at the Nanaimo Airport; and,
  3. Clarification on the opportunities for community input into future development at the Airport.
The Nanaimo Airport Planning Process has three phases:
  1. Obtain the views of the community and other stakeholders.
  2. Discussions between the RDN and NAC on future land use at the Airport.
  3. Implementation
City Spaces Consulting has completed phase 1 of the Nanaimo Airport Planning Process. The views of the community and other stakeholders were gathered through three Public meetings. Two meetings were held in November 2011 and a third was held in March 2012. As well, a number of previously identified stakeholder groups were contacted directly for their input.

The consultants have completed the final report for phase 1 of the project which includes a jurisdictional review, summary of the public consultation, and a recommended process for moving forward. The Regional Board received the report and passed the following resolutions at its October 2nd, 2012 meeting.

"MOVED Director McPherson, SECONDED Director Brennan, that the final report from City Spaces Consulting on phase one of the Nanaimo Airport Land Use Process be received."

"MOVED Director McPherson, SECONDED Director Fell, that in accordance with standard practice and process in respect of community planning for Electoral Areas that staff be directed to enter into discussions with the Nanaimo Airport Commission with the aim of reaching agreement on future land use and protection of the Cassidy aquifers in the form of a Draft Memorandum of Understanding as a proposed amendment to the Area 'A' Official Community Plan with input from and review by the Area 'A' OCP Citizens Advisory Group for subsequent approval by the Electoral Area Planning Committee."

Click below to view the staff report and the final report prepared by City Spaces Consulting. The Nanaimo Airport Planning Process is now in phase 2 of the process. This phase of the process consists of the development of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Regional District of Nanaimo and the Nanaimo Airport Commission. An Advisory Committee has been established to represent the community's interests in guiding the Regional District of Nanaimo's input into the development of the Memorandum of Understanding. The Advisory Committee will also provide advice to the RDN in the preparation of the Nanaimo Airport master development plan in phase 3 of the process. The Regional Board adopted the following Terms of Reference for the Nanaimo Airport Planning Process Advisory Committee on November 26, 2013.

Next Steps

Following direction from the Board, the RDN will initiate discussions with the Nanaimo Airport Commission to begin the process of drafting a Memorandum of Understanding. In doing so, the RDN will ensure that opportunities are provided for the community and stakeholders to participate in the process and provide feedback.

The anticipated outcome of discussions is an agreement between the RDN and the NAC that covers the process and issues to be considered in developing a master development plan for the Nanaimo Airport, future land use, jurisdiction, and other important issues such as servicing and aquifer protection. Should an agreement be reached, it may identify possible amendments to the Electoral Area 'A' OCP and/or the zoning bylaw through the master development plan.

For enquiries about the Nanaimo Airport Planning Process please contact the RDN's Strategic and Community Development Department:

Email: planning@rdn.bc.ca
Phone: 250-390-6510 | Toll Free: 1-877-607-4111
Fax: 250-390-7511

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