News Release - August 1, 2017

Stage 3 Watering Restrictions Implemented for all Nine RDN Water Service Areas

On August 5, 2017 all nine RDN-operated water service areas will move to Stage 3 watering restrictions. The nine RDN Water Service Areas are: Nanoose Bay Peninsula, Englishman River Community (River's Edge), San Pareil, Surfside, Decourcey (in Yellowpoint), French Creek, Whiskey Creek, Melrose Terrace and Westurne Heights.

Stage 3 restrictions maintain the same even and odd day watering framework as Stage 2, yet encourage residents to further reduce water use in order to defer a comprehensive watering ban. Water demand has been higher than average for this time of year, resulting in low reservoir levels and increased strain on wells, pumps and other infrastructure. Meanwhile, record-high temperatures are forecasted and the fire danger rating remains extreme.

As we enjoy the BC Day long weekend and the hot summer weather, the RDN wishes to emphasize that it is critical for residents to be efficient with their water use to maintain reservoir levels for fire protection. Water staff will continue to monitor water demand and if this trend of high water use continues, moving swiftly to a Stage 4 outdoor watering ban will be necessary to ensure that water supply for essential household use, community use and fire protection can be maintained.

Stage 3 offers flexibility for residents to decide where and how they cut back on water use; however, it is critical that reductions are implemented. Here are some helpful tips on how to cut back on water use:
  • Reduce the lawn irrigation on your property by decreasing run times, cutting back on the number of watering days and refraining from sprinkling certain lawn areas. Lawns naturally go dormant in the summer months and return with fall rains.
  • Avoid washing vehicles or boats unnecessarily, unless for safety reasons (windows and headlights).
  • Sweep outdoor surfaces such as driveways or decks with a broom rather than using a hose or power washing.
  • Retrofit old, inefficient irrigation systems.
  • Add mulch/topsoil to aid in landscape water retention so you can decrease sprinkler run times.

The Regional District of Nanaimo now offers a new WaterSmart Garden Rebate for conducting landscape efficiency upgrades including irrigation system improvements and soil and mulch amendment. This is a pilot program and funds are limited. www.rdnrebates.ca

We appreciate the efforts of residents to conserve water this summer. Information about watering restrictions in the region, along with additional tips on saving water can be found at www.teamwatersmart.ca.



Julie Pisani
Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Coordinator
Regional District of Nanaimo