Stage 4 Lawn Watering Ban in Effect for RDN's Nanoose Bay Peninsula Water Service Area

News Release - August 8, 2018

Stage 4 Lawn Watering Ban in Effect for RDN's Nanoose Bay Peninsula Water Service Area

RDN Water Services has experienced a pump failure at the Craig Bay Pump Station, which supplies water from the Englishman River in Parksville to the Nanoose Bay Peninsula Water Service Area. This significantly reduces the water supply to the service area during a time of peak summer demand and requires an immediate escalation to Stage 4 Watering Restrictions until this source can come back online.

While RDN Operations staff work to replace the pump, residents of the service area are required to restrict all outdoor watering in order to maintain fire protection levels in the service area water reservoirs. Stage 4 Watering Restrictions puts a ban on all outdoor water use including lawn watering, vehicle or boat washing, filling pools or fountains, and outdoor washing including power washing. Lawn watering permits are not valid during Stage 4. Watering of gardens by hand is still allowed between 7-10am or 7-10pm, however. Vegetable gardens are exempt from all watering restrictions.

Stage 4 Restrictions will stay in place until the backup pump has been installed and reservoir levels have recovered to an acceptable level. We anticipate the repairs and reservoir recovery will happen before the weekend. At that time the water service area will move to Stage 3 Restrictions (Voluntary Reductions on top of Stage 2) due to the ongoing hot, dry weather and increased fire risk. Another news release will be issued at that time to inform residents.

Adhering to watering restrictions is critical to maintain water supply for fire protection, essential household use and environmental flows in streams. RDN Water Services thanks Nanoose Bay Peninsula customers in advance for their cooperation.

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