News Release - September 13, 2017

Watch Live as the Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre is Upgraded

The active construction site can be viewed live to watch as our $81.7 Million Secondary Treatment Upgrade project at the Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre at 4600 Hammond Bay Road progresses. The live feed shows a high resolution video of the work that is happening at the future secondary treatment plant area in real time that is also compatible with mobile devices.

We encourage the community to take the following steps to watch our live construction feed:

  1. Go to our Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre Secondary Treatment Upgrade Project webpage.
  2. Click on the construction live stream image shown below:

    top Click Here

  3. Currently when you view the live stream you will see:
    1. (On the left) Blasting, and hammering, and removal of rock to create a shear wall and make space for the new process facilities
    2. (Centre) Ground improvements – the installation of gravel columns in the earth to protect the new process facilities from seismic conditions
    3. (On the right) Excavation for future bioreactors and clarifiers to improve the quality of effluent leaving the plant
  4. The camera may be repositioned as it can be controlled by members of the project team. The default position overlooks the east portion of site where the main secondary expansion is taking place.
Please Note: We recommend viewing the live steam using Google Chrome as Internet Explorer may have some issues displaying the live feed.

More project information on the Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre please visit www.rdn.bc.ca/gnpcc.

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James Haddou
Project Coordinator, Regional & Community Utilities
Regional District of Nanaimo